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Poor little man…

Little man loves it when we go for a run/walk. He just takes it all in, talks to the birds or trees a little, but in this sweet, subdued voice, unlike his usual excited proclamations. Sometimes, though, he wears himself out with the combination of excitement and peace, and just zonks out, like tonight. I’m letting him sleep a bit, and we’re hanging out on the patio where I can enjoy my wind chime.

PS, a day of scrapbooking, starbucks, chatting with girlfriends, and another walk/run followed by a hot shower and my Marvin the Martian shirt… Aaaahhhh. Feeling a bit less restless tonight.


1 thought on “Poor little man…”

  1. Such a very precious picture! It so reminded me of when my now 35yo daughter was a baby. I was so lucky to have a friend loan me a proper “pram” (aka buggy) for me to use. I would take Michelle for walks and she would ALWAYS fall asleep. Not wanting to disturb her, I would leave her asleep in the pram in our…yep…garage! It was a few steps up to the kitchen so there was no way to get that pram in the house. She would sleep outside for hours. I wish someone would push me around in a pram today and let me sleep outside! lol Love watching your baby bundle grow in your photos! Thanks!

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