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Six Months

Sugar Pie, one day old (8 lbs, 13 oz; 20″):

Sugar Pie, Six months old (17 lbs.):

What you’ve learned:

  • Sitting up, by yourself, and unsupported!  I would be doing something, look over, and you’d be vertical!
  • Full-on crawling!  You’d been doing the wriggle worm/bulldoze maneuver since last month, but all the gears kicked in this month, and there’s no stopping you. :-)

  • Pulling up to stand!  This one shocked me.  My parents were visiting, and my Mother was with Bubby in the nursery.  All of the sudden, she starts laughing and yelling at me.  I run in, and there he was, clinging to the side of the crib.  The crib that we had NOT dropped yet, not even once (and apparently we were supposed to when he began sitting up).  This month was just a full-on push for you, you were BUSY!

What we’ve learned:

  • How to feed you in the high chair, and how to wipe it down immediately afterwards, or pay for it later. :-)  (Sorry for the grainy pic, it’s from my phone.)

  • We’ve added carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, and green beans to our homemade baby food list.  Very easy, we just steam the veggies in our steamer while we do something else, then we throw them in the food processor with water and puree them.  Then we pour them into ice cube trays and stick in the freezer!  Every few days, I pull out some and package them in little lidded baby bowls in the fridge.  That way, they’re ready to go to daycare, throw in the diaper bag for somewhere else, or just eat at home.
  • Babies can outgrow their co-sleeper.  Huh.  Now what?

What we always want to remember:

  • Your first Halloween. :-)  We didn’t go anywhere fancy (just across the street to a neighbor’s) or do anything super special (just handed out candy to neighborhood trick-or-treaters), and I didn’t have time to make the costume I wanted to (next year!), but it was still fun.  Your Grandma brought you a Halloween book when they visited a couple weeks prior, and I had bought you one when I got off of bedrest and visited my first yard sale of the year, so we had those to celebrate with, too.

  • Your first playdate!  It went pretty well, you liked having so much room to crawl and explore, and C had some fun toys!
  • Just how much bounce-force you can generate once in a jumper.  Whoa Nelly!  My parents bought him this as an early Christmas present, and I’m glad I managed to get some shots while he checked it out, he is usually just a blur when he’s in the thing.


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