Baby Baby

I’m going to try really hard…

to write a non-baby-related post.

Although by simply stating that, I have already related this post to da bubby.  Right?

:-)  Darn it all, I don’t really care that my blog has turned all-baby, all the time.  It’s my life, too, and it’s what I’ve wanted for years, so FORGET IT.  :-)  So here’s a cute picture:


He’s turning SO BLONDE!!


3 thoughts on “I’m going to try really hard…”

  1. This is just so very precious…..all of us love babies, so, it’s ok! ;-) Why don’t you scrap this photo? That would be the best of both worlds! ;-)

  2. Oh Ann, he is just beautiful! I am SO happy for you!! Write about that sweet baby all you want – he’ll be grown up before you know it & THEN you can go back to writing about “other stuff”. Right now this is the center of your life. There’s nothing you’ll ever do that is more important than being a mommy! I’m looking forward to hearing all about him and about your new life as a parent!

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