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Five Months

On time, on time!  5 months old TODAY!

Bubbaloo, one day old (8 lbs, 13 oz; 20″):

Bubbaloo, Five months old (16 lbs., 6 oz.; 27″):

What you’ve learned:

  • How to get both your head and your rear end off the floor–down dog is your current favorite baby yoga pose. ;-)  Crawling is going to happen any minute now!!!
  • How to sit up!  This just happened this past week!  You still prop yourself up with your arms, but I look over now and find you sitting up, checking out the new view.

  • How to grab our glasses (and great fistfuls of hair, ouch!)
  • How yummy your feet are (we are always on toe jam guard, standing ready with a baby wipe)
  • Rolling, rolling, rolling…  Everywhere, now.

  • Food, real food!

What we’ve learned:

  • How to make baby food.  Okay, not really, we’re on our first round of squash!  You don’t seem to like it much, but it’s straight squash with breast milk for now.  Eventually, I’ll mix it with something to maybe make it a bit more palatable, but it’s only your 2nd solid, we have to take it slow. :-)  It was easy, though, nuke an acorn squash for 5 minutes, let it cool, puree in the food processor with breast milk to thin it out, then pour into ice cube trays.  We’re still figuring out the best way to warm it up for you.  You officially get solids 3 times a day, cereal at breakfast, squash with lunch, cereal AND squash with dinner.  OM NOM NOM.
  • How to distract you with electronic toys while we squishy your nose (squishy=using the bulb syringe)
  • How to burrito you (sorta like swaddling, but just your arms–you’re too long for us to get your legs wrapped up anymore) and add a paci and rock you to sleep, like they do at daycare.  It’s almost magic.

What we always want to remember:

  • How I let you get too close to the bowl the first night you had cereal.

  • How much you love the ocean drum.

  • You’re noticing everything around you now, including books, and you get so excited!
  • You, talking to your best friend, magical-baby-in-the-mirror.  It’s amazing how he’s at daycare, he’s at home, in almost every room, and how Mama and Daddy are there, too!

  • You, attacking your wubbie (a blue elephant crinkle toy–the first toy T and I have actually  bought you, that wasn’t a gift or hand-me-down).

  • Your first parade!  (Our stroller won 2nd place for our daycare’s decorating contest.  2nd out of 3.  LOL  And 3rd place was an employee, sooooo pretty sure that was somewhat rigged.  Ha!  Oh, well, free candy corn.)
  • How you are *finally* learning to relax on us, and lay your head down on our shoulders or chest.  So sweet.

3 thoughts on “Five Months”

  1. Ann, it’s so fun reading about your adventures in parenthood! I look forward to your updates :). Bubba is getting so big and he’s a real cutey as well.

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