Baby Baby

Three Months

This is so late…  And I’m sure I’m forgetting things from this month.  :-(

Izzy Dear, one day old (8 lbs, 13 oz; 20″):

Izzy Dear, three months old (15 lbs., 1 oz.; ?”):

What you’ve learned:

  • How to blow raspberries & stick out your tongue–soooooo cute
  • That there’s interesting stuff around you
  • How to roll over (almost)
  • How to bat at objects

  • Laughing
  • How to say “hello” (ha ha, not really, but he can mimic Daddy saying it!)

What we’ve learned:

  • Zantac really has been helping your reflux
  • How to take you to daycare.  Augh.

What we always want to remember:

  • Tour de Bubby
  • Crazy night of Raymore fireworks and how it didn’t phase you one bit

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