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Tour de Bubby

We just returned from a weeklong road trip with little man.  Our first!  As all of you are probably aware, the amount of “stuff” required for traveling has apparently tripled now.  :-)  I planned as much as I could.  We took 3 casual outfits each, plus one nice outfit each, and then I packed one onesie a day for him, with the expectation that he’d go through them all more quickly than that and we would do laundry at my parents.  I did not, however, pack nearly enough burp cloths (7).  I should have doubled that amount.

We first went to Columbia and spent two nights with Grandma & Grandpa Robins.  Bubby got to meet an aunt and two uncles on this stop, including one at 4 in the morning (the only time we could catch each other–we were up for a feeding and he was up playing videogames).

While here, we also stopped by our old stomping grounds at MU to visit some of Thomas’ college friends.  We told Bubby he was visiting his future college.  :-) The bookstore and Brady Commons (now just called the student union) have been fixed up a wee bit.  There’s even a sushi bar now.  ::sigh::

We headed to St. Louis next, visiting a hodge podge of college friends and Thomas’ family, all crammed into less than 24 hours.  We were exhausted by the time we hit the hotel.  Our pack and play was well-used on this trip, substituting for the co-sleeper.  We were able to find a way to cram it in next to the bed at every stop, including here.  It was nice to bring along, because it also has a changing table on the end that flips up over the top to be the perfect height.  It’s a Carter’s pack-n-play, and they make a cushy mattress pad for it, Bubbers loved it.  And the best part?  Happy Tree Friends got to go everywhere with us! :-)

Meanwhile, Mom was getting a big party ready to welcome little man to the country.  We left St. Louis on Saturday and headed down to my parents. Grandpa & Grandma Yount got some playtime in.  Dad has this great Daffy Duck voice and fun whistles and calls–Thomas and I can’t recreate them–and Bubby really gets a kick out of it.

Sunday afternoon, a bunch of family members from both sides (on my side) and close family friends got together to chow down on a bevy of beautiful desserts my Mom made (this is only about half of them) and try to hold the guest of honor.  It was knock-down, drag-out fight sometimes, I tell ya. ;-)

The centerpiece was a tractor that my Aunt Patti and Uncle Tony bought Izzy.  It will be so cute when he’s old enough to use it! (I can say that now, before he’s crashing into our cars or furniture with it.) My mom couldn’t wait, though, and had to get Bubby to pose before we left.

A highlight of the trip for me was Izzy getting to meet his sole surviving great grandparent. It was really special to me that he got to meet my Grandma.  Here are the four generations:

A fun thing at my parents? Dad dug out MY baby swing, circa 1978.  Wow.  lol Worked like a charm–put a fussy Bubby to sleep in record time.

At my parents’, my second cousin had given Mom an awesome activity mat and we tried it out the first night we were there.  Bubby LOVED it, and by the time we were back in Columbia for our last leg of the trip, was getting the hang of batting at objects intentionally.  So fun to watch him figure out new things.

Ultimately, the purpose of the trip was meeting a lot of special people in our life.  And boy, did he.  Somewhere between 50-100 of them (click on the picture below to see it larger).  Our goal was to get pictures of everyone, but unfortunately, we missed some.  I’m glad we had the time to make this trip–he got to meet so many people that love him already.  It was a little hectic sometimes, breastfeeding in the car at gas stations, washing diapers, and making do without our magical swing, but we did it!

5 thoughts on “Tour de Bubby”

  1. I am soooooo incredibly happy for you all!! He’s a priceless gift from God who brings joy to all he meets! God bless your sweet family!! :-)

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