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Layout: Doula Doula

This was our doula, Stefanie, with Bubby about 2.5 weeks after the birth.  She was a huge help, I’ll write more about her as I finish up the birth story.  :-)  She looks just like a doula ought, don’t you think?  :-)  Scrapped this when I went to Archiver’s for a crop night for my birthday a few weeks ago.  Lovely night!!

More of my May Counterfeit Kit.  Nothing too special technique-wise, just some fun and colorful layering that I seem to enjoy.  As you read the title, hum “Louie Louie” or “Mony Mony.” ;-)

3 thoughts on “Layout: Doula Doula”

  1. Lovin’ this layout! Eager to read more! Thanks for sharing this important element of Bubby’s first weeks!

  2. LOL – when I first read your page title I thought it said Doula Houla Took me a second to realize my eyes must have been crossed.

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