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The Birth: Pre-Labor

I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile.  We’re finally settling into a groove, where I feel mostly like my normal self again (albeit with a baby attached to some body part now) and think I can tackle it.  It was a life-changing experience, and I feel it’s important to document it.  And of course, after being a blog post, it’s going to become a scrapbook page. :-)  But if it makes you uncomfortable, then by all means, please skip!

The weekend before you were born was an important weekend.  It was the last full weekend we would have before we had a baby, one way or the other. If I didn’t have you soon, I would be admitted to the hospital to be induced.  I really didn’t want to be induced for a variety of reasons.  #1, I wanted you to arrive when you and I were ready, not when some 3rd party was ready, #2, Inductions make labor more intense, which generally requires an epidural, which…#3, slows labor back down.  Why would I want to let someone else decide that I should have a more painful, longer labor?  While my goal was never natural childbirth, at least not specifically, my goal was to have a birth with as few interventions as possible, and an induction was high on my list to avoid.  I know it’s not like that for everyone, it was just my thought process on the matter.

So, on this last weekend, we decided to cram in as much as possible.  And possibly convince you, gently, that your time had come.  So we grabbed doughnuts at Holt’s in Grandview, bright and early Saturday morning, then completed our breakfast with coffees from Hard Bean Cafe down the street before driving up to the Brass Armadillo flea market in Blue Springs.  That place is HUGE.  And I was determined to walk the whole thing.  In fact, not only did I walk the whole thing, I re-walked about 1/3 of it, making some final decisions and running to the restroom on a regular basis.  :-)  I was big enough that everyone’s eyes grew big when they saw me, just before they asked me when I was due.  It was sort of fun to tell them, “This past Thursday,” and see the look of curiosity morph into fear.  My mantra for the day was, “GUSH…” willing my water to break, over and over.

But Saturday came and went without a Bubby.  Undaunted, we planned a trip to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum for the next day.  An historic Monet exhibit was going on, and more walking was sure to do the trick…  We went to the early service at church, had a leisurely breakfast at Panera, then drove up to the museum.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t checked the times, and the museum didn’t open until 11.  We decided I could walk on the Plaza just as well, so we parked close to some of my favorite shops, enjoyed more coffee, and walked until I was tired, even too tired to go back for Monet.  Still willing my water to break, but no dice.

We arrived home to find that our hot water heater had sprung a leak instead!  Ha!  So we spent the afternoon taking our last hot shower, draining the tank, figuring out what water heater we wanted to replace it with, locating it at our local Home Depot, and setting up an install for the next morning.  Thomas joked that we were guaranteeing a Bubby simply by doing this, but at this point, we had been wrong so many times before, it really didn’t seem possible.

We rewarded ourselves for dealing with that mess by renting Harry Potter and I baked a batch of oatmeal-raisin cookies.  We stayed up ’til 11:30, and didn’t pick up the house…  We knew we were tempting fate, but again, just didn’t seem possible that I would ever actually go into labor.

Fast forward to 12:45.  I hear a “squick,” not outside, but from… inside.  A little ::pop:: followed by 3 tiny gushes.  By the 4th, larger gush, I made it to the bathroom and had woken up Thomas in the process.  I didn’t want to be stuck at the hospital during early labor, and knew my doctor would have me come in, so I called my doula instead.  She said that contractions would start within 1-4 hours, and that I should go back to bed and get as much rest as I could.  But…  we hadn’t picked up the house.  :-)  It was 1 o’clock by this point, so we turned all the lights on in the house, and ran around cleaning madly, knowing that now someone’s parents would have to be there during the rescheduled hot water heater install that had to happen while I was in the hospital, post-partum.  I also threw some last minute things into my hospital bag, which had been packed since March due to all the pre-term labor I had experienced…  And we finally laid down to sleep again around 2:30.

And I was about to find out what real contractions felt like, and just how much work all those months of pre-term labor had accomplished.  :-)  More as I finish writing!


7 thoughts on “The Birth: Pre-Labor”

  1. awwwww. Ann I am so glad you are doing this. I remember so much about this happening to me. I think, almost all women want to read others birth stories–just must be a female thing. I am more in love with Bubby everytime I see him. You and T are such great parents

  2. Thrilled to be included on the pre-deliverty activities. I know these are *your* memories, but they are certainly bringing back *mine*! Sweet, sweet story!

  3. Oh dolly!! I’m so happy to hear the “story behind the story!” :-) You look beautiful and the little peanut is so adorable!!! (((HUGS))))) and love to you three!

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