Baby Baby

One Month

I’m late posting this, his one month birthday was last Thursday!

Bubby at one day old:

Bubby at one month old:

20110610-102755.jpgWhat We’ve Learned About You:

  • How to feed you (kinda)
  • That you love having your diaper changed
  • That we should head straight to bed after your 9 o’clock(ish) feeding
  • That you prefer to fall asleep in our arms or on our chest20110609-111432.jpg
  • How to use a prefold diaper
  • That car rides conk you out20110609-111449.jpg

What I Want to Remember:

  • How your little hands continuously open and close while you eat
  • Kissing the top of your head and how soft your hair is
  • How you hold your head up and look everywhere whenever we put you on our shoulder
  • Daddy’s ventriloquism act
  • Your coos and gurgles when we ‘talk’20110609-111046.jpg
  • How you pull your little legs up, baby yoga style, especially after eating when I pick you up to burp you
  • Fireplace Daddy (whenever Daddy held you and talked to you, you would look at the fireplace–those big black and white shapes were really interesting to you–and it looked like you were bonding with the fireplace instead)
  • Your sweet, precious, tiny baby yawns
  • Your (still accidental) smiles & laughs
  • Little fat rolls on your arms & legs
  • Wearing my glasses to bed so I can immediately check on you in the middle of the night when I wake up
  • Forgetting to pack diapers in the diaper bag to our first visit to the pediatrician
  • Your little lower lip trembling
  • Your tiny contented sighs and big big stretches when waking up
  • Milk comas (and how happy we were when we were finally able to put you in one)20110609-111056.jpg

4 thoughts on “One Month”

  1. You are an amazing mama! what a lucky boy! (I still can’t believe he wasn’t a girl! I was convinced! what do I know?!)

  2. Just priceless!! Oh these pictures are so beautiful and your words equally so! I’m so thrilled for you three and this amazing journey you’ve begun! ((((HUGS))))) love and prayers to you!

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