Baby Baby

Izzy’s Special People

Grandma R with Izzy the day he was born.

And here’s Grandpa R the same day!

One of my very favorite pictures, T with Little Man the day after he was born.

Sleep-deprived me with Bubbers on my very first Mother’s Day (the Sunday after he was born, 6 days old!).  He’s so tiny and red!

Grandpa Y, snuggling with his sidekick (over 2 weeks old at this point).

Grandma Y–did you notice neither grandma is looking at the camera? Hmm…

He looks so skinny here!  But by this point, he was over 9 lbs., at least 1/2 a  lb. over his birth weight.

And finally, our doula.  She was absolutely vital in bringing our bean into the world.  (Meanwhile, this pic cracks me up, he has the best little old man expressions sometimes–he was sound asleep and peaceful, but looked so grumpy!)


3 thoughts on “Izzy’s Special People”

  1. Ann! :~D Congratulations!! Your little Baby boy is absolutely perfect! I’m so very happy for you & T. ((((tight hugs))))

  2. awww- he looks so much larger already! and you look like you are having such a good time being a Mommy. and I love the family photo—precious! sweet beyond words

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