Baby Baby

Weekly Izzy

Yeah, ok, so this was actually from two weeks ago–our last Saturday alone. We got donuts at Holt’s, coffee at Hard Bean, and went ‘junking’ at the Brass Armadillo. I walked myself silly, willing my water to break every few minutes. I must not have been specific enough, because our hot water heater sprung a leak that night.

This was the very first outfit Bubby received as a present–way back when we first started sharing about him–from our friends Tasha and Angela. They were also the first of our friends to meet the Bubster, when he was less than a day old. :-)


I can’t get over how perfect he is. He got that from his daddy. ;-) As an aside, I’m sure I don’t need to explain to you why these are all sleeping shots, right? Ha!


He looks so grown-up here, already! He has grown and nearly gained back his birth weight–the cheeks aren’t so chubby anymore, but we think he might have gotten my face shape, heart-shaped with apple-y cheeks.


This one isn’t a great picture, but I am trying to capture it whenever I see it so I will hopefully get a good shot to scrapbook. This is the way his little legs were for months–I could feel from one knee, across his bottom, all the way to his other knee, but had no idea that’s what I was feeling–I thought it was his back. I couldn’t wrap my head around how he was crammed in there. I knew I had a baby butt up below my ribcage, but couldn’t figure out what he was doing when he bunched up his legs like this. Now I know!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Izzy”

  1. Aww! So sweet – also got your email the other day. Thanks for letting me know – such a good choice. Oh, I just love me some babies! Have fun :)

  2. Awwwwwww he is just beautiful! What a wonderful blessing. I’m so very happy for you! BTW, you look great in the shopping pic! Your ankles weren’t even swollen you lucky girl. As far as the baby weight goes, it’ll tighten up before long, don’t worry, especially since you’re nursing. That burns up tons of calories!

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