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All A-Twitter, Layout 2


This picture is from Easter 2010, which we spent with T’s parents.  Their church did the living cross, where each person adds a flower to the cross.  It was really beautiful.  It’s not my first time seeing one, but it was my first time grabbing a pic.  This is another iPhone pic.


I don’t normally scrap like this.  I mean, I do single photos pretty often, and I use a lot of white space pretty often, and I use funky color combos pretty often…  But I have never EVER used this many embellishments at once on a layout.  I’m a fairly simple scrapper.


Last count was 33 flowers and 13 brads/eyelets!


For the title, I added a little subtle glimmer with my Sakura Stardust Gelly Roll pen.  Love that little guy.  It is hard to show in pictures, but so easy to see in real life, and quite often adds the perfect touch!  If you look closely in this last photo, you’ll see where I added a shadow effect with my pen.


Thanks for looking!  I have at least one more layout in progress from my kit, hoping to finish and post tomorrow.  If 1) I don’t go into labor, and 2) we get our hot water heater replaced in a timely fashion (sprung a leak last night).

7 thoughts on “All A-Twitter, Layout 2”

  1. Wow, you are so right! This is a case of SIMPLE SCRAPPER GONE MAD, but, definitely in a GOOD way. You would not normally use this many flowers on a dozen layouts, but works perfectly for this very special occasion!

  2. Lovely simple, striking page design so well complemented by the beautiful profusion of layered flowers. Great highlighting too.

  3. well i dont really have any way other than here to say, congratulations on your new little baby boy! he is adorable, and I know his parents are busting their buttons with pride. Welcome baby!

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