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It is my due date today.  I could still be pregnant another 10 days at least, but still wanted to mark this occasion.  We are both so excited!!!

9 Weeks

1st Trimester

  • T wanted me to take a test since I was a week late–but I hadn’t even noticed I was late and argued with him that it was pointless anyway…  he told me where some old pregnancy tests were in the bathroom, so I got up at 4:30 and took one…  Bleary-eyed and half asleep, I didn’t believe I’d read the instructions right…  I yelled for him to come there, and just pointed at the stick and the directions…  We were both shocked…  And cried (in such a good way)…  And sat on the couch while I drank a big glass of water so I could take another test at 6.  :-)
  • called our parents Sunday morning as soon as we thought they would be awake to tell them
  • staining the fence the weekend we found out
  • tried to get by with buying clothes up a size (figured I’d shrink my way through them, too, after pregnancy)
  • nauseated often, especially when blood sugar was low, but never actually threw up–drank a lot of Sprite and ate a lot of Cheez-Its
  • cut out caffeine as soon as we found out–surprised at how easy it was
  • took a lot of naps, so tired!
  • cried a lot, especially at work, embarassing
  • T started really spoiling me :-)
  • T took over the cat box
  • so nervous, all the time, waiting to hit 12 weeks
  • I cried when I saw you and heard your heartbeat for the first time at the doctor’s office
  • taped every ultrasound and heart tone so I could show T
  • craved salty stuff–weirdest food was steak sauce on cod–so good!
  • Mom bought me a bunch of maternity shirts
  • I had trouble finding pants–never did find comfortable jeans
  • Telling at work was a rush because they knew we had had problems–I had to sit out on a restraint training and announced the pregnancy to explain why I was sitting out…  The whole room gasped and I was surrounded and being hugged by so many people.  :-)
21 Weeks

2nd Trimester:

  • Michelle (a coworker of T’s) loaned me some more maternity clothes
  • Braxton Hicks started–I thought the uncomfortable feeling was you moving at first
  • I felt you move for the first time doing a shimmy from the floor during Primary music group
  • T felt you kick for the first time at home at my parents for Christmas
  • sent to hospital once for pre-term labor concerns–luckily, it was all right
  • began consuming large amounts of dairy, fruit, and sweets–which continued throughout the pregnancy
  • T re-painted the entire scrapbooking room by himself during snow days–primer, and 2 coats of paint to cover the raspberry and turn it tan
  • set up the co-sleeper and crib, and filled them with balloons and aluminum foil to train the cats to stay out of them–has worked like a charm!  Never found either cat in there after Murray popped the first balloon.  :-)  We’d never had balloons around them their entire life for just this reason.  :-)
38 Weeks

3rd Trimester:

  • bed rest from Valentine’s to St. Patrick’s
  • moved the TV upstairs
  • swollen piggies, ankles, and hands
  • wearing my $9 preggers wedding band from JCP
  • mostly finished the nursery (if you’re a girl, we’re adding some hot pink, and if you’re a boy, we’re adding some teal), even though you won’t be in there too much the first few months
  • T helping me put on shoes and socks
  • Co-sleeper made rolling out of bed difficult
  • contractions constantly, left work early because it was so hard to teach with them
  • Hungry all the time
  • Still have a sweet tooth and penchant for dairy
  • weirdest food–Italian dressing on cold leftover teriyaki stirfry–pretty yummo!  Or maybe it was the vanilla ice cream with raspberry preserves and chocolate sauce–that can’t be weird, it was just like a Sheridan’s concrete!
  • baby shower at Northwood, Belvidere, and received gifts from friends
  • Waiting impatiently for you

Previously scheduled post.


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