Baby Baby

Baby Shower at BES

This was our baby shower at Thomas’ work. They had actually had it planned since early January, but the date fell during my bed rest. They ended up having a snow day and rescheduled for a day I could be there, which was sweet of them. :-)

I’m so big!!

MIZ… ZOU…! :-) Huh. No one’s bought any baby Jayhawk stuff, though. I’ll have to fix that.

For the life of me, I don’t remember what was funny, but there was a lot of laughing in general at this shower. You can tell T is the staff clown. ;-)

I can’t wait to add a little appliqued birdie on this striped bodysuit. It’s just begging for a birdie, don’t you think?

Can you read it? It was $20 in a card that read “Pizza $, you’ll need it.” :-)

T’s manly diaper bag. :-) They insisted on a round of modeling.

Then we finished with yummy yummy cake and some fun (and non-gross or embarrassing) shower games. :-) So sweet, and a lot of fun, thanks again!!


1 thought on “Baby Shower at BES”

  1. ooo Anne you look precious. not big at all…after all girl you got a growing kid in there! i’m so excited for all of you. cant wait to see an update that says you have a baby on the outside and s/he is perfectly healthy and you are wonderful as well

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