Baby Baby

Baby Shower at NW

My work threw a baby shower for us the week I came back to work.  It was very sweet of them (although I wish I could have had a heads up–I had an invitation on my desk on the Tuesday I came back, and the shower was Thursday afternoon…  It didn’t leave enough time to invite colleagues from other schools who had asked to be included).  But again, it was very sweet of them–they were in a hurry to throw one in case I went early (so laughable now…).

I’m not sure why I look ticked here.  :-)  I really did smile.  :-)

An adorable blankie cake made by one of the paraprofessionals.  ADORABLE.

The presents.  The whale tub–I love it so much!  But we had already registered for a tub, and knew someone had bought it off the registry…  So now we have 2 tubs and we’re not sure which one we want to keep.  :-)  But this one is so cute, it even has a little whale tale.  :-)

Hee hee.  If they’d have offered, I would have taken the face.  ;-)

I didn’t match the shower colors, but you know what?  It was in the low 40s all day and I’m a traveling teacher!  :-)  OH–and it says “Welcome Babies” because a para at my school was pregnant, too–I just didn’t put pictures of her up because her 2 year old son is in them, too.  :-)


2 thoughts on “Baby Shower at NW”

  1. awww how sweet. It is so fun to share good times with work frends.. I cant wait for that baby to pop out some we can see who is in there! I dont think I had ever seen a photo of your Hubby… man he is tall (and i mean that as a compliment since i am 5 ft nothing) I love tall people! matter of fact I would love to have one to take with me when I go places :-)

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