Baby Baby

No, I haven’t popped yet…

**NOTE:  If you’re interested in any of the pictured hats, click on the *links* in the 2nd paragraph.  The pictures will just take you to a larger picture, but the links will take you to the listing.  I wanted to advertise the sellers because their hats are so adorable!**

I’ve just desperately been trying to catch up from being on bedrest.  Finishing projects at work (almost innumerable) and home (only 15 freezer meals so far, but everything is laundered and the nursery is almost ready!).

I am also very grateful that we chose not to know the gender.  I picked up a couple of inexpensive options for a going home outfit at Target tonight, and oh my goodness…  I also looked on Etsy because I am determined to find a knit cap with ears–like a sock monkey hat, or a bear hat, or even a Yoda hat (lol)–and again, what a BLESSING I don’t know what we’re having.  I would waste all our money on clothes they’ll probably outgrow faster than they would get to wear!

I’ve been mulling over a lot of things, baby-related, blessing-related…  not sure if I will have time to blog them or not.  I would like to, but I am so distracted by impending baby-ness that it is hard for me to make time to sit on the computer and type.  So we’ll see.  But there’s a lot I’d like to capture about this time, so I will try this weekend.

Basically?  I’m 100% effaced and 1 cm dilated.  Baby is head down, station -3 (still pretty high, as far as birth goes).  Doctor predicted within the week.  Then said he’s been wrong every time he’s predicted.  :-)  So if you *don’t* hear from me, that’s why.  :-)


1 thought on “No, I haven’t popped yet…”

  1. Oh, my, you have sent me back to February 17, 1977, and the wonderful birth of my daughter Michelle (my first birth, but second child)! I was at the hospital 19 minutes when she was born! Listen to your body! Try to remember every minute of this process. The “discomfort” will not long be remembered, just make sure the rest endures so you can tell you story through the years. A child NEVER tires of hearing about their entry into this world! Warm hugs!

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