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Why? ‘Cause! Layout

I made this layout before I was placed on bed rest, actually.  Just came across the pic and wanted to share.  It is, quite honestly, not the most meaningful layout. I had printed out pictures for a class mini-album a few years ago–one that we were supposed to be able to complete in class, but that didn’t remotely happen–and I never finished it.  I didn’t really like some of the supplies we were given for the mini-album, either, but I still enjoyed the pics I had taken of my stash.  So I made a fluff layout to use up my stash and record it for posterity’s sake, all at the same time.  ;-)

Nothing fancy, just paired some BG rub-ons with MME epoxy stickers and strips of MME (I think) pp.  Simple, quick, easy.  TFL!

OH, and real quick, an announcement–I have decided to discontinue YAWYK.  Not in the sense that I won’t continue to purge, because I have and I will.  But mostly because keeping track of all the items I am purging/using, just so I can list them on here, has become cumbersome, and I feel, pointless.  I’ve continued to downsize, a little bit with every project I undertake.  And I feel comfortable that I’ll definitely get rid of/use at least 2011 things this year.  But I also know if I don’t have time to write it all out now, no way will I have that time in a month or so.  ;-)  For those who are doing it, have fun and good luck!  I am to the point where I really enjoy the process of dumping old stash that I no longer love, and find it very natural, hope you do, too.

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