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Officially trying out cloth diapers!

I am so excited about this. I’m not sure if it is just part and parcel of the rush we are getting from finally getting to buy anything baby-related, or if it is the fact that about half the people in our lives are not supportive of us going cloth and we’re stubborn, or if it is the fact that these little bundles are just too CUTE!, or if it is simply encouraging my nesting urge, OR if it is because we’ve been interested in this for such a long time, and now we’re officially biting the bullet…

But I am really excited about trying cloth diapers. So excited, in fact, that T talked me into trying prefolds, which I was deadset against. Oh my. So, here’s what we bought Thursday at our local store,  Happybottomus (don’t you love that name?):

1) FuzziBunz Pocket One Size: So, to translate–FuzziBunz is the brand name (another  cute one, I’m sorry, but baby products have to be simply the cutest-named products in the world.), and supposedly they invented this style of diaper–the Pocket.  That means that there is a pocket inside the diaper, and you stuff 1-2 cotton, bamboo, or hemp liners inside, depending on how much absorbency you need, etc.  I’m not sure if I’ll like these or not, because the prospect of stuffing diapers every single day seems annoying.  Midrange price.  However, they’ll probably be easier to dry…

The “One Size” means there are a series of adjustable snaps which means they grow with baby, and you only need buy this diaper to fit them the whole time.  Every single diaper we got was a One Size, because I think it really cuts down on the cost savings if you’re buying sized diapers for every stage (there’s about 4 different sizes–to have to buy 12-18 of each?  Silly, in my opinion.)

2)  BumGenius All-in-One One Size: The most pricey, but I think they’re going to be worth it.  Basically, “All-in-One” means, it’s a diaper.  You don’t need anything else–the liners are already in there, attached.  You whip it out and whip it on baby, and you’re done.  I think our daycare would prefer these, heck, I think I would prefer these.  To me, they mirror the convenience of disposable, you just have to wash them.  T is concerned they will be difficult to dry, however.

3) EconoBum One-Size Prefolds: A cheap option for those wanting to go cloth.  We bought a little pack that includes 1 cover and 3 prefolds.   The prefolds are a square of cloth layers, sewn together with seams going down in thirds both ways.  You fold it in different ways to fit babies in different sizes.  I think it will take the most work–you have to fold them just so, then put the snappies on (the little green and pink grippie thingies at the bottom of the pic), then put the cover on…  And I worry about leaking and re-using 1 cover on multiple dipes.  So we’ll see how this goes.  T is pretty interested in these, thinks they won’t be too much extra work, and much easier to clean.  We’ll see…  We both like the price point, though, have to admit.

I wanted some hybrids (cloth diapers that you can use disposable and generally biodegradable liners in), but didn’t see any at the store that really interested me…  We’re also planning on using disposable for the first few weeks (due to shock of parenting, umbilical stump issues, and sizing/fit issues), and I would prefer some biodegradable ones, but they were out of the newborn size, so we’re going to keep looking.

4) A portable wet bag for storing dirty dipes. Just what it sounds like.  Lined in some sort of non-toxic hippie plastic-like liner, with cute fabric (see the birds?  get it?  Kind of our theme).  They make big ones for the nursery, too.

5) A Grovia cloth diaper-safe diaper rash stick. Supposedly babies who use cloth will have fewer problems with diaper rash.  I’m not sure, but we thought it would be smart, just in case.  The salesman sold us on the stick applicator–because you don’t have to get it on your hands!  :-)  And you can’t use something like Desitin, because it will reduce the absorbency of the cloth, something you don’t want to mess with.

6) Special hippie Thirsties laundry detergent for cloth diapers. :-)  All the baby detergent is expensive, this was actually a little less expensive than the Babies R Us stuff we have, and has a very handy pre-measuring doohickey.

7) And to round it all out, some reusable wipes. Basically super soft washcloths.  We plan on wetting them down as we need them to clean baby.  We have registered for disposables, but I think we’ll try these first–You spend something like $500 on disposable wipes (does that sound right?), and these were $10 or less, and we should only need 2 more sets.  Okay, maybe 3.  Still!

We’re total yuppies pretending to be hippies…  Cloth diapers, a co-sleeper, breastfeeding, and I’d like to try making our own baby food and using baby sign.  Goodness.  But it’s okay, it’s all one grand experiment…  And even if it all fails, we’ll still have a baby at the end, right?  That’s the most important part.  :-)


1 thought on “Officially trying out cloth diapers!”

  1. Hey there! Congratulations! Good luck with the cloth diapers, I was never brave enough to try them, but I always had two in diapers at once, so maybe I’m lucky I didn’t, lol. We always did co-sleeping though, and it was awesome. I never ended up sleep deprived :-) I’d also recommend completely natural childbirth, if you’re able, it’s something I’ve never regretted.
    Everything about parenting is an experiment, it’s so much fun to learn as you go! And some day you’ll be listening to opinions, handing out curfews, and wondering what happened to your baby, so do everything the way you want to do it while you can! Listen to all the wonderful advice you get, use what works for you, and file the rest away to try when you’re at your wits end, lol.
    Mostly just enjoy it! And I hope to meet your sweet baby someday :-)

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