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Bed Rest Essentials Part Deux

I realized I forgot a few of the essentials that helped me while on bed rest for the past 4.5 weeks…  I am so excited to share them, because yesterday was my FIRST DAY OFF BED REST!!!!!!!!!!!!  Very exciting, and I think I overdid it a wee bit (hit 2 garage sales, had some friends over, went shopping and out to eat before our last childbirth class…), so I took it extremely easy today.  Lots of lying down, and I haven’t left the house or done laundry.  ;-)  I have edited and ordered  a lot of pictures, began working on my stamps index, and began officially packing my hospital bag, and that’s it!  (I’d been putting that off, because, frankly, it makes it all the more real that I am going to be experiencing labor at some point…)  Anyway, as a farewell to bed rest, here’s a few more things that helped me…

1)  Bendy straws.  Seriously.  Impossible to drink that 100 oz. of water/day without these little guys.  Although I did try, and was promptly rewarded with a big wet splash.

2) Pillows.  I had a system, 2 under my head, 1 between my knees, 1 behind me/over my side (helped prop up my arm when I was using it, or helped support my back), and 1 in front of me to support my belly.

3) Cards, blog comments, e-mails, and twitter mentions.  It made my day every single time someone checked in on me.  And I discovered some very thoughtful people in my life that cared for me more than I knew.  How humbling!  I have to get better about sending cards.  I already knew that we had been on countless prayer lists, but there were also so many people praying for us, what a blessing!

4) Meals.  We would have quickly succumbed to fast food every single night, but Thomas’ work provided three meals, my work provided two, our church provided three, and my Mom supplied, well, a lot.  Since there’s just the 2 of us, each meal supplied at least 2 days worth of food.  It was so helpful and it kept us eating actual produce and real protein and dairy.  And while we did supplement a bit with fast food and ramen occasionally, it helped to have “real” food to eat otherwise.

5) The kitties and Thomas.  What can I say?  Murray & Jack kept me social, gave me something to cuddle, and at least one of them would come check on me anytime I was upset over something.  Thomas was superman, cleaning the house, cooking, doing insane amounts of laundry, finishing up a number of house projects, and just overall waiting on me and loving me.  I definitely couldn’t have done this without him, but then I can’t do much of anything without him, we’re just a very necessary team.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Mmmwwahhhh, babe.  Love you (and I LOVE this pic of you from our Wyoming trip–hot).  ;-)


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