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2-3 Minute Bedrest Scrap Sessions: A Lovely Day in the Park

I did a movie on my phone that I had originally planned on sharing here, but you can’t really edit those and I grew unmotivated to mess with it.  :-)  But I do have pics I snapped of each step of my process so everyone can get an idea of how I’ve been doing this on bedrest–without worrying that I am in anyway endangering my baby.  Those of you who are familiar with my story know how long we’ve waited, and how special the bean is, so of course I wouldn’t be up more than my doctor has told me I can be.  He lets me up 10% of my day–so all I have to do is carefully manage that time.  I keep track of meals, bathroom, shower, etc. so I know I’m not going over my limit.  So, here goes!

Step 1) In bed:  I sketched out my idea for the layout, going off memory on what pics I have waiting to be scrapped, and referring back to the picture I snapped of my kit contents on my phone.  This way, I could even notate specific supplies so my time up would be used efficiently.

Step 2) 3 minutes up after shower:  I pulled my needed supplies from my kit (took less than a minute) and spent remaining time trimming photos to be sure they would fit the space I thought they would.

Step 3) 2 minutes up after lunch:  Adhered photos.

Step 4) 3 minutes up after a RR break: Trimmed and adhered patterned paper strips.

Step 5) 2 minutes after dinner:  Skipped cutting letters with my Silhouette as I’d originally planned (it was getting late in the day at this point, and I wanted this one done!), and threw together most of a quick title block with kit contents and a pen.

Step 6) On the couch:  strung buttons.  :-)

Step 7) 3 minutes after RR break:  Adhered buttons, and voila!!!

FINISHED! :-) Took all day, but only 13 minutes up! :-)  Sorry for the small pics, but I can’t enlarge them too much, confidentiality, etc., for our foster kids this summer.  Thanks for visiting!

10 thoughts on “2-3 Minute Bedrest Scrap Sessions: A Lovely Day in the Park”

  1. you are amazing! beautiful LO and beautiful work. especially when you think it only took 13 minutes…. I take more time than that to figure out how i want it to look and hunt the paper. I am going to do the supply thing you have mentioned

    1. That’s why I love doing sketches beforehand, it really saves me time! And the kit helped me limit my embellie choices. :-) You should scrap and post!! (hint!). ;-)

  2. omg! ANN – you rawk chicka!!!

    however, as a momma of 2 – i have to say, that you do NOT need an explanation to ANYONE! as to what you do with your day, and your precious ‘bean’ {btw, that is one gar-gan-gu-in bean!} just sayin’…

    however, hello??? 13 minutes kick-ass layout! AWESOME!

  3. Love it! I was telling my DH about you last night…he laughed and said “only women would do that…if I was told to stay in bed…I would stay in bed…” LOL


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