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Cat’s Paw Layout

From my March Counterfeit Kit (sorry the pics aren’t great, I am taking pics and blogging from my phone so I can do that in bed).  Die-cut paper, tree paper, MR rub-ons, and AC thickers.  Quick and easy!   Pics are from July 2010, when hubs and I hiked a trail back home, and stopped here at the Cat’s Paw lookout to snap a few pics.  Love these pics.  The comments on my last post got me to thinking–I think the three big things helping me scrap on bedrest are:

1) I’m a simple scrapper.  It took less than a minute to pull out the supplies I wanted to use–which was further aided because all of the supplies are already pulled out to be part of the kit!

2) I sketched everything out before hand while in bed, since I knew my kit contents, and I had already decided what pictures I would use, from memory, based on what I had that fit the theme of the kit.

3)  I’m an organized scrapper (at least right now).  My space has been kept clean and things put away where they belong ever since I moved into the guest room in January.  Sharing that space with guests and my husband (we moved our desktop computer in there, too) has really kept me on the ball. That helped me put my kit together in little 1-2 minute bursts (still took 2 days!  lol), and helps when I need to grab an extra piece of paper, my trimmer, or adhesive–it’s all within arm’s reach.

I actually video-taped a little snippet today, a 3-minute scrap session with my kit.  Hoping to get it up later in the week.  And I have officially had all the check-ups I will have while on bedrest, and every one of them has been positive!  In fact, in my last one this past Monday, the doctor said my measurements were better than expected, so he was very happy with the success of my bed rest.  Meanwhile, baby is GROWING and my belly is SOOOOOOO BIG!  I really feel like I’ll go to term (which is another 3.5-6.5 weeks).  Can’t wait for Thursday–I’m attacking the nursery!  (at least as much as T will let me, since he feels I should still be on BR until I deliver…  but dude, I can’t *nest* that way!  ;-)  )

6 thoughts on “Cat’s Paw Layout”

  1. what a beautiful LO. you do great work and I am always impressed! Great news about Baby growing so. I know the last weeks are the hardest….Maybe he/she will wait until my DD’s birthday. It was a great day for having a baby. so does this mean you are not on BR any longer?

  2. Love your layout! I wish I were an organized scrapper… I tend to always be in the stages of replanning my scrappy room.
    Great job with your kit!

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