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Counterfeit Kit Blog, have you heard of this??

WARNING: Major scrappy geekiness and overanalyticalness ahead. So if you’re not into scrapbooking, please feel free to skim right on by in your reader. :-)

So excited to find this blog! Check it out here. Each month, they pick a kit to “counterfeit” with their stash, duplicating the patterned papers, embellishments, etc. with things they already own to create a kit for $0. LOVE THIS CONCEPT and am completely kicking myself that I never considered it before! T swears I have, but I don’t think so… I would make homemade kits all the time, but I never thought to try to duplicate a kit that I was jonesing after when I had enough things in my stash already… Such brilliance.

So, this month, the kit is from Studio Calico and looks like this:

And I spent a couple minutes here and there during trips to the bathroom, pulling together the elements for my version:

I wanted to take a picture, setting it all up exactly like the SC pic, so you could easily see what I had chosen for each piece, but I was so inspired by this that I was 1.5 layouts in before I remembered that! So… I had snapped this with my phone so that I could remember what I had put in my kit while I sketched layout ideas in bed. Basically, here’s how it matches up:

Cardstock for cardstock. I had every color they had in their kit, so that worked perfectly.

Patterned paper:

SC : Me

  • Big ledger paper : 8.5×11 vellum ledger paper
  • squirrels & circles : scattered trees (You might think I should have picked the Love, Elsie paper for that one, but it’s actually for something else)
  • yellow rickrack print : orange diamond patterned print
  • big orange flowers : Love, Elsie paper, because most of those circles are different versions of big orange flowers…
  • woodgrain paper : (I swear I have some, I have some cool cardstock woodgrain paper, and I thought I had a Hambly overlay, but I can’t locate them…) big scrap of Hambly overlay in vintage wallpaper (I think) in chocolate brown
  • orange geometric print : AC multi-colored circles print
  • die-cut label paper : scalloped white cs
  • green circle patterned paper : generic green patterned cardstock
  • kraft with white pattern : tan pp with a grid and leaves print

The perfection with how all the colors match is geekily exciting to me. :-) A close-up of the papers and cardstock:

Embellishment substitutions…

SC : Me

  • JBS chipboard stars : random chipboard stars
  • yellow buttons: variety of matching (and some handmade!) buttons
  • yellow letter stickers: yellow Thickers in vinyl
  • SL green letter stickers : BG letter stickers in green/burgundy
  • Orange labels, tags, and arrows : chipboard labels and tags in a woodsy theme and some label, tag, and arrow stamps
  • Woodgrain fabrips : Woodgrain stamp
  • Bee stamp : bee stamp
  • Then I stuck in the Maya Road rub-ons because I’m incapable of having a kit with absolutely NO black in it, plus they matched the theme and I have been wanting to use them. :-)

A close-up of the embellies:

And… last but not least….

yellow title block and mushroom journaling card : journaling spots, ready to alter!

Like I said, I’ve already made 1.5 layouts. I am still on bedrest, of course, and it is next to impossible to scrapbook in bed. But I am stealing a couple minutes here and there amidst trips to the kitchen or bathroom, and using a timer so I don’t get carried away. I’ve been working on this since Saturday… It took me 2 days just to get the kit together, then another 3 days for the layouts so far. :-) Slooooow going, but so worth it, I need this outlet like crazy. :-)

There are add-on kits to lift, too, but I am sticking with this one for now, and once I run out of layout ideas (I think I have 4 right now), I’ll pick an add-on to counterfeit and use with the remainders of my main kit counterfeit. So much fun!!!

10 thoughts on “Counterfeit Kit Blog, have you heard of this??”

  1. hmmmm. great idea. I want to do this too. I am so glad you are finding something to keep you occupied until baaby gets out to play. keeping you in my prayers

    1. Thank you, Brenda! I am so close to being done with BR!!! 3.5 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I think the bean will hang on until I’m term, I’m feeling really good at this point (well, actually, I”m quite uncomfortable and huge and when I sneeze, I feel it in my sternum, but I don’t feel like I’m on the verge of pre-term labor anymore, like I had been….).

  2. Great job with your kit and if you’ve managed to “steal” time to scrap and created 1.5 layouts while on bed rest you’re doing well.

  3. Your kit looks great! I used to sneak out of bed when I was on bed rest, too. I got in SO much trouble for it! LOL

    Counterfeit Kit Challenge

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