Random Sunday night purge…

I have been feeling blah all weekend.  I am not accomplishing most things on my to-do list, including calling my Grandmother.  (I’m sorry, Mom!)  I’m hopeful that a new week will kick everything back into gear–I guess it’s the winter doldrums?  Cabin fever?  Third trimester awkward/uncomfortableness kicking in?  Not sure.  Everything I put my hand to is difficult and messy and frustrating, and not resulting in anything…

So I had a bit of a fit (spurred by my husband’s own cleaning fit around 9 o’clock tonight) and cleaned out a set of drawers and a bin in my scrapbook room.  To add to my list…

YAWYK count:  158/2011

82-91) 10 mini-albums I’ll never make
92-107) 16 embellishments (I mostly counted 1 as a small group of embellies–like 1 counted for about 15 playing cards I’d prepped backgrounds on but had done nothing further…)
108-114) 7 random metal containers I had saved, thinking I would alter them someday into a mini-album…  Like gift card holders I’d received, or altoid tins, etc.
115-118) 4 alterables I’ll never get around to altering (letters, journals, etc.)
119-158) 40 pieces of memorabilia–from memories I’ve already scrapped, or just trash that I was calling ephemera, but would really never do anything with!

SO EMBARASSING.  How long has this junk been here?  How long have I kept it, and wasted time and energy on managing it?  Planning on selling or donating what I can, tossed/recycled what was unusable to anyone else.

3 thoughts on “Random Sunday night purge…”

  1. Good for you cleaning and organizing and donating! It is such a freeing feeling! ;-) Okay but what does YAWYK mean? Must google this for an answer! ~ Molly

    1. You Are What You Keep. If you click on the underlined words, those are links, and they’ll take you to other posts about it–I did it last year, but didn’t start until July, and counted individual items like each letter sticker. I got rid of 2010 things, but didn’t reach my goal of it all fitting on my shelves and desk, so I’m doing it again this year, and counting things differently. :-)

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