Multiphoto, Scrapbooking, Silhouette SD, Travel, YAWYK

Lincoln Park Zoo

Yeah, so, I did the title “chicago zoo” before I had to look up some animal and figured out the zoo is actually called Lincoln Park Zoo.  LOL  OH WELL.  I’m not redoing it!

Cut the filmstrip frames with my Silhouette–modified a free image from Kerri Bradford.  Took some doing–a fair bit of measuring and problem-solving, but I was happy with how they turned out.  Backed the title with some of the cutout pieces from the filmstrips.  If I had it to do over, I’d not do frames–just a solid black down the middle, then crop and corner round the pics and stick them on top–would have been much easier!!!  Purple rhino is a tag I bought in the LPZ gift shop.

YAWYK Count:  39/2011

15-18) 4 sheets cardstock
19) rhino tag
20-21) letter stickers for title (counting as 2 since I used 2 fonts)
22-29) paper, silk, and felt flowers
30) screwtop snaps
31-39) 9 pieces of photo paper!

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