Random post is random

We moved the scrapbook room into the guest room and emptied the soon-to-be nursery today!  (Waiting to paint, then moving baby stuff right on in!)  My desk and all the electronics are set up (thank you, sweetie), hence the ability to blog.  However, the space is definitely not finished–or even all put away, so no pics yet.

Instead, I thought I’d share some random pics off the computer, because I’m in the mood to blog, even without truly blogworthy material.  :-)

My best friend from college, and myself, at the Chicago Zoo this summer when we went to visit her for a last hurrah before she moved.  She’s studying to be an urban planner in another city…  I miss her!  Will get to see her at my baby shower back home in March.

Some art on display in the Fine Arts building at KU.  Snapped on my last official day as a grad assistant…  ::sniff sniff::  Hard to see, but there is a hand coming out of the front/top, writing on the guitar.  Liked this piece.

Apparently, we used to collect pez?  I’m not sure why I had all these nor why I snapped a pic.  And why do I have 2 gonzos???

Ahh, spring.  I’m already ready for you!  I usually quite enjoy winter, but I’m a little impatient for this one to pass.  :-)  This is a shot out our front door at our last apartment before the house–so over 2 years ago!!

::love::  This pic is from a hike T and I took on easily the most humid day of July 2010, back home in F’town…  Miss walks outside, too!  Cabin fever………………………………………

Hope you’re not climbing the walls yet…  And to my pals in blogland, I will soon be able to more easily make comments, since I’ve got this computer stationed in my scrapbook room. It was too difficult to comment on my phone, but trust me, I’ve been reading and thinking about you all!!!

1 thought on “Random post is random”

  1. hey chick!! So good to read you again! Miss you…
    that guitar reminded me of “A Christmas Story” lol

    can’t wait to see more pics! :D
    and hello? baby-belly pics!?!? ;)

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