Birthday, YAWYK


I found this pic last night, just waiting to be scrapped for, oh, the past year and a half…  :-)  No matter, it was the perfect opportunity to break in my new Silhouette SD!  The layout’s theme was the iPod Thomas broke down and got himself for his birthday.  I found a music font on, found a handful of characters I liked, arranged them in varying sizes, welded them together and voila!  Instant cool background.  I was very happy with my first embellie cut from this machine!

A close-up of the super-intricate cutting on that drumset!

And a huge YAWYK update!  I will definitely hit my goal of using up or otherwise getting rid of 2010 items in 2010!  I know it didn’t seem possible, but I’ve got 3 big Christmas projects that are finally concluded, plus all the stuff I can now sell or give away since my Silhouette handily replaces them all!  (The really good news, though?  My scrapping goal for next year will be far more interesting for you guys.  I’m channeling Late Blossom and trying to use all of my stamps in 2011, which will result in more projects to share!)

YAWYK Count:  1857/2010

2011 calendars (which failed miserably and then turned into albums) for the soon-to-be-grandparents:

1028-1029) 2 ready-to-scrap calendars

1030-1309) 280 letter and number stickers

1310 – 1361) 52 sheets of patterned paper and cardstock

1362-1378) 17 embellishments

1379-1380) 2 books dried out rub-ons

2nd cousin’s first year album:

1381-1382) album and strap hinge kit

1383-1404) 22 sheets cardstock

1405-1435) 31 embellishments

Being replaced by my Silhouette:

1436-1444) 9 alphabets

1445-1447) 3 machines

1448-1449) 2 sets of cutting mats

1450-1482) 33 individual sizzlits!

Additional purging yesterday!

1483-1494) 12 ugly sheets paper

1495-1502) 8 dried up markers & pens

1503-1511) 9 ready-to-scrap 12×12 calendars (the first 2 were such a disaster that I’m just giving them all away.  Sigh.)

1512-1514) 3 vintage paper items

1515-1532) 18 square brads

1533-1556) 24 weeded out flowers

1555-1563) 7 starbucks cozies (long story)

1562-1607) 44 Christmas swap items (not finished items, just die cuts and ribbon scraps), long unused, wrinkled or otherwise not my style

1606-1626) 19 1/2 used letter sticker sets

1625-1724) 98 journaling spots (well, over half of them were index cards…  the other half were ones that I could easily recreate with stamps)

Used on the Christmas cards that my students made and we send out every year:

1725-1840) 116 square brads (I just don’t like them, so donated away!) and big gold brads (ditto!)

iBirthday LO:

1841-1843) 2 sheets paper

1844-1852) 9 rub-ons

1853-1857) 5 mini-brads

So…  153 more to go!  Soooooo close!

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