Some cards…

Wow, I purged some stamps! Again, for YAWYK. But first, Ill share some cards.

This is a thank you card for a family friend who sent up a ton of baby girl clothes when she heard we were fostering. I loved pairing the cutout tape with the girly dress.

This is just a little thinking of you card for a friend at work who is undergoing cancer treatments. I finally used some cool airmail stickers Shannon gave me years ago!

“Just flying by with a note to say hi.”. The round postage-looking stamp isn’t one at all–it’s just a medallion style with the Eiffel Tower on it–but looks convincing enough to me, and fits with the French stickers.

As you might have noticed, I’ve been dressing up the envies to match the cards. I like the extra touch it adds, and plus, it helps me use up my stash. It’s hard to see on this one, but I had a square flap envie, and used the same scallop punch that I used on the edge of the card on the envelope flap. It was adorable, if I do say so myself.

So, the final count? I’m so close to 50%… I’m sure I’ll make it this week!!

YAWYK Count: 923/2010
730-907) Some not-so-dearly departed stamps.
908-909) card & envie for the girly thank you
910-919) stickers, photo corners, card, and envie for airmail card
920-923) sticker, embellie, card, & envie for baby card

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