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Sweet Vintage Baby Afghan

My MIL gave me this today, along with a picture of my hubby playing on it as a baby. Oh for cute! I want to decorate the nursery with all vintage toys, books, etc., so this is wonderful as it is sentimental, too.

Eee, little crocheted kitties and bunnies!

But my favorite are the little elephants. :-)


4 thoughts on “Sweet Vintage Baby Afghan”

  1. Eeek!! So CUTE!! and I have a card to send you with… ELEPHANTS on it!! I need your address though because my address book wiped out when I tried to transfer it to this computer. :~(

  2. Well HERE you are! I’ve missed you & your posts!
    This baby afghan is absolutely gorgeous. Does your having it mean the foster/adoption process has moved along & you’re getting close to having a little one in your house? How are things with school & the kitties?
    We’ve moved back to Kentucky! :-D

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