Scrapbooking, YAWYK

I’m still working on YAWYK 2010…

YAWYK means “You Are What You Keep.”  I first talked about it here.  I’m still plugging away at it, and wanted to add to the list:

YAWYK Count:  546/2010

502) lemonade container I meant to alter but was never really going to

503-505) horrible Hello Kitty card, oogly card, and a bent card I wouldn’t give to anyone

506-7) two non-working gel pens

508) tweezers with melted embossing powder all over them (Why did I think holding a metal object while directing an overheated heat source at it would PROTECT my fingers???)

509) pack of flashcards…  missing a state…

510) broken bucket that, again, I would never get around to altering

511) broken adhesive runner

512) box that some mini albums came in–I used the albums years ago and held on to the box for???

513) dried up white inkpad

514) UGLY fiber

515-526) dozen straight pins (I prefer to use the beaded head pins for pinning ribbon, straight pins tend to rust, are impossible for me to get out, and hurt to push in!)

527-537) 11 Christmas cards that I moved to my Christmas launch pad, will use in a few weeks!

538) oogly border

539) Priority box I was using for storage, moved to my giveaway area to truck all that stuff to school

540-542) 3 post-it packs, taking to work

543-546) 4 coin wrappers (Hubby recently wrapped all the change in our change jar, and we put an extra $144.50 towards our student loans!)

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