My Particulars

Just some quirks I’ve noticed about myself lately…

1) I must change out of my work clothes into my ‘comfies’ as soon as I get home. Even if my work clothes are fairly comfy already. I think it’s how I disengage, a physical cue to relax.

2) I can’t wear socks to bed. I will generally wear them as I get in bed, but then in about 20 minutes, off they go. For this reason…

3) I have mastered the art of removing my socks without using my hands so I don’t have to ‘wake up’ at all to do so when the urge strikes.

4) I must have my cold drinks heavily iced. Water, iced coffee, soda, you name it, a lot of ice.

5) I have to brush my teeth before I can eat breakfast in the morning. Otherwise, gross!!! How could I enjoy my breakfast?? I know, gross because it leaves breakfast all over my teeth. If it makes you feel better, I generally forget I’ve already brushed once anyway since I was half asleep the first time, and brush again before leaving the house. LOL


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