The Great Ice Cream Tour of Wyoming

(And Nebraska… and South Dakota…) A lot of amazing scenery, littered with a lot of tourist traps. :-) But that’s okay. We had a wonderful time, seeing the kitschy and the captivating alike. (Sorry for no music–my headphones made a great soundtrack… but I’m having tech issues today. Listen to some of the more decadent Beck, Weezer, and Rufus Wainwright while you watch for a decent approximation.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

My top three for the whole trip?
1) Our float trip down the Snake River at the base of the Grand Tetons. Be still my heart. I’m pretty sure we’ve decided to retire there (if we can’t find work there sooner).
2) The Buffalo Bill Historical Center, where I spent most of the time in the art wing. I always thought I didn’t care for Western Art–but there were so many stunning sculptures and modern pieces–a wonderful mix–and I fell in love. I didn’t include pictures in my slideshow because my pics don’t do the pieces justice.
3) Crazy Horse. A fascinating story and quite the undertaking.

Yellowstone probably should be in my top 3, but we just didn’t get quite enough time there. If I’d been able to do some more hiking/trail-walking and photography, then I’m sure it would at least be #2 for me. It didn’t help that the time we *did* get to spend there was during a 3 hour broken-down-bus delay. We waited three hours to move 17 miles. Not the best experience. At least we were stuck at Old Faithful. We got to see it erupt twice!
Finally, a shoutout to Marilyn from NW–we had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go again. :-) Thanks for your insight before we left, and I hope these pics bring back pleasant memories from your trip, as well!

1 thought on “The Great Ice Cream Tour of Wyoming”

  1. Ann……since you are no longer on FB, I have lost track of you and your Life…..and, that I dislike!! I had no idea you were going to Wyoming……you mentioned that you took a float trip down the Snake River……which leads down to the little town of Alpine from the Jackson Hole area… that where you floated??? Anyway…..we have property just 10 minutes from Alpine and the Snake River!! We were not able to go out there this summer as I had my cataracts removed……an easy procedure, but several weeks of restrictions… we didn’t make the trip. We plan to be out there most of next summer, if you should come out again….you MUST stop so we can get together.

    I DO hope that everything is going great with you, with your Life, and with your job….guess that IS a part of your Life….eh???

    I will close now to see if you see this…and, if so….fill me in on YOU!!!! Did you get to see the video and the hundreds of pictures of the Howser Music Fest???? SUCH an amazing and incredible weekend!!!! Wish you could have been there!!!

    Let’s stay in touch…..OK????? I really do miss knowing what is happening with you!


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