Cards, Everyday, Scrapbooking

Thrice Hearts

I’ve been trying (with limited success) to send my grandma a card once a month this year. I call her every week, but I think (hope) she likes getting something that’s not a bill or ads every once in awhile. She lost most of her vision to glaucoma several years ago. A family member goes through the mail with her, so I know someone can read the inside for her, but I want her to get some some sort of sensory herself, too. To that end, I try to use bold colors, some kind of high-relief texture, and oversized elements. I at least got the first two covered this month.

The yellow rhinestone heart is actually quite bulky. I’m going to have to mail with a little piece of bubble wrap to protect the envelope, I think… Well, I’m off to make a couple lasagnas and visit a friend. What are you up to this Tuesday morning?

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