Multiphoto, Travel, YAWYK

The Great Platte River Road Archway Long-Titled LO

This was our first stop on our trip to Wyoming, and I’m trying to scrap it somewhat chronologically, so it was also my first LO from the trip. I wanted to go through CostCo for the pics, but due to random mishaps, had to use WalMart instead. Oh, ugh. I am not happy with the pics at all. :-/ The color is really bizarre, especially because I restrained myself and didn’t bump the saturation like I am wont to do. Geezalou, what would have happened if I had? Anyway, I digress. I used some 4×6 pics, but also used Picasa to make an 8.5×11 collage, then cut up the individual smaller pictures so I could arrange them how I liked.

There wasn’t enough room to squeeze them all in, so I arranged some extras on half pages that easily slide out the top of the page protector.

And it was a very *plain* layout, even for me (it was hard for me to just let that ticket stub be the title), so I added a scattering of some Architexture tiles Neith RAKed me at least 4 years ago (ridiculous that these were still there, no?). I liked the tone-on-tone with the cardstock, but they still needed some oomph, so I added little bits from a set of 7 Gypsies rub-ons. That worked out well, because I was able to add those to the pull-outs, too, to tie it all together.

YAWYK Count: 470/2010
444-452) 6 sheets cs and 2 large scraps
453-457) tiles
458-460) journaling card and 2 file tabs that died a natural death as I tried to use them on this LO
461-470) 9 pens & a trimmer blade, all discovered to be rubbish and subsequently trashed while working on this LO
471) paper clip
472) journaling card
473) album found in scraproom closet to donate to my school

-473) Tombow pack
-472) Glue Dots
-471) new trimmer blade

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