Purge, Round 2

Tags!  And paper.  So, so much paper.  I’ve decided there’s no interest online (I understand girls, you’re as swamped as I am), so I’m not offering them here anymore.  Instead, I’m letting my local scrapping friends take what they want, and anything that is usable by my kiddos at school will now reside there…  Anything that isn’t taken or isn’t appropriate for my students will be trashed.  Unfortunate, but true.  I am doing my part by being more discerning with my purchases.  That said…  Here’s what I added to the count:

19-40) Tag Variety Pack (I found a couple more nice ones to add to this after I took the pic) that I’m passing on…

40-75) …and 35 oogly tags went into the recycling bin…

Then I got ambitious on Sunday and tackled my paper and cardstock.  And I got as ruthless as I was willing…  I’m down to only 1-2 sheets of “photo realistic” paper and the basic patterns of the first DCWV stack.  LOL  Jacy got some nice stuff!  BasicGrey, Old World Stack, American Crafts, KI…  I just couldn’t use all of the stacks and multipacks and clearance finds that generally make up my stash.  So…  onward and upward.  (No pics, I really had to get this stuff out of the house, I was so mad at myself when I finished.)

Ready for the count?  Well…

76-83) …8 trashed large scraps, pieces of bent cardstock, or torn paper into the bin…

84-124) …41 large scraps, or funky shaped paper, or 8.5×11 paper, sent on to my friends…

And…  (drumroll?)

125-441) …317 full 12×12 sheets of patterned paper and cardstock…  onto a better life.

That is disgusting!  I am really going to try to never let that happen again.  And you know what that means, right?!?  NO. MORE. STACKS.  Ugh!

YAWYK count: 441/2010 (Over 1/5 of the way there!)

2 thoughts on “Purge, Round 2”

  1. Hi Ann its been a while!! Good for you getting rid of all that stuff, it just weights you down and makes you not want to go throught the stuff you already have!! I still love the value of stacks but know I can’t possibly use them all. When I buy one I break it up and divide it by patterns since most of them are not in consecutive order. Then I pull out all the designs I know I will never use. From the remaining, I keep 2 – 4 sheets of each pattern depending on the style ond versitility. I do make a lot of cards so smaller patterns usually end up cut down to card front sizes and stored with my card maiking supplies. The rest I take with me to my next crop and offer up to my friends. It never fails I go home empty handed!! lol I know a lot of my friends are on a tighter budget and really appreciate it. I end up with a usuable amount of wonderfully coordinated paper (still a good value per piece) and none of the grief! lol

    1. Yay, Gayle, how are you??? So good to ‘see’ you!!

      I love your idea, that really is smart. I saw a stack I liked today but I’m still so shocked at how much paper I have that I didn’t cave. But now I’ve a good option, thanks for the tip!

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