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Look what we got during our trip to Chicago!!! An IKEA Expedit bookcase and desk!

This is definitely going to be a work in progress, because I want to ultimately store all my supplies here (and right now, there’s a lot of other stuff involved in the room), score some tempered glass for the work surface, and redo the chair. But until then, these make me swoon!

Tell your friends, I’m going to be doing HUGE purging and will be offering most (if not all) items for free, just pay shipping. I’m paring down and freeing up. :-)

5 thoughts on “::squeal!::”

  1. love it! ou and becky have both had a major re-do of space. I need to purge and get rid of stuff and do the same thing. right now i am paring down the kitchen items we no longer use/need. then on to other rooms. We have lived in this house 26+ years and you cant even imagine how much junk we have!

    1. Did Becky share on FB or About? Or is she blogging? Must see!!! :-D I love seeing people’s scrappy spaces. I’m getting ready to do a *major* purge. Actually logged on the comp today instead of blogging from my phone just so I could do a proper post about it. LOL

    1. Hey, Holly!! I’m hoping to get a piece of tempered glass custom-fit to the desktop to save it. I am *rough* on my crafty surfaces. LOL From what I can tell, it will cost $40-60, which isn’t too bad to me, considering the desk was $50 and the glass should easily triple its lifetime. Plus I can make visual arrangements/inspiration board displays underneath the glass. :-) I’ll be sure to share when I get it!

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