Heaven…I’m in heaven…and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak…

(Imagine Ella singing…)

This has been an amazing shopping trip. Today has been my favorite so far. We walked to some thrift stores by Ali’s apartment, took the train to lunch, and then wandered in and out of stores as the fancy struck us. And look at this amazing book I scored (the Phrase Finder)!

Inside, it is 3 books bound into 1. A name-word finder (lists of names and their recognized meanings, such as a ‘Juliet’ is well-known as a young girl in love), a metaphor finder (for more colorful words and phrases, see pic below), and a ‘sophisticated’ thesaurus (similar to the metaphor finder, less well-known phrases–I think they were original to the author…?).

I could blog just about this book for days upon days, and it’s in great condition for a hardback from the 50s. Seriously, it’s a gem, and was only $5. More finds later. I’ve been in outfit-planning heaven, too. :-)


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