Nail Art

Introducing…Nail Art!

I’m branching out a little–not too much, though. ;) It’s still all about getting creative with color, and being distracted from life by pretty things right at my fingertips. This time, however, it’s nail polish, not papercrafting! I won’t be abandoning scrapbooking or cardmaking anytime soon, but sometimes I have stuff to say about my latest obsession of nail polish, so might as well use the tools already at my disposal to share. :)

First up, I wanted to introduce the Nail Art Wheels of Possibilities!

created by InCollage

Similar in concept to the Scrapbooking Wheel of Goodies, I made some nail art-specific wheels, with ideas for themes, colors, formulas, techniques, and tools to try when you’re stuck figuring out your next manicure. Give them a spin and let me know what you think! You can visit them all here (be sure to scroll down!).

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Scrapbooking Wheel of Goodies!

Have a scrappy stash? Ever realize that you’re regularly overlooking certain categories of your stash, but aren’t willing to purge those items? Kaleidoscope’s Inspiration Jar to the rescue! I have admired this idea from afar for a long time, and finally got around to making my own version today. There is a picture below, but here is the link, and if you click through, you can make your own, totally-customized-to-reflect-your-stash, version as well!

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Integrating Photos & Background Patterned Paper Elements

Hi, guys! How are you? Ann Marie here with a 12×12 scrapbooking layout process video! Today’s video focuses on integrating photos into the background elements of the patterned paper you use.  Here is a timestamp if you’d like to skip straight to that part! There’s also written directions here, just below the video.

So, I had this really beautiful paper. It’s got a mixed-media feel, and there’s some really pretty, photo realistic butterflies. My photo overlaps some of those pretty butterflies, and that feels odd to me to just slap a photo over complete elements like these, so I wanted to find a way to integrate them.

I’m going to very lightly draw lines where my photo was going to be and then I’m going to erase where the pencil crosses the top of the butterfly wing, because we are going to put those butterfly wings on top of the photo. I’m going to leave the pencil marks in place on the borders where the edges of the photo and the butterfly wings meet up to help me line the photo up again when I am done cutting into my paper.

All I have to do is place my glass mat underneath my layout and get out my craft knife and very carefully slice around the butterfly wings where they meet up with the photo!

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Satisfying and Relaxing ASMR Fussy Cutting Butterflies, #2

Enjoy this lickety split short! Fussy cutting is so satisfying and relaxing to me! Seeing the results is just 👩‍🍳 💋 Hope you enjoy–more to come 🦋

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Altering Pre-Made Embellishments

Today I’m sharing a process video of a kid-themed single-page 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbook layout! Plus showing how I altered a pre-made chipboard sticker to better match the story in my layout–at the 4:58 mark, below!

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Bevy of Beautiful Butterflies!

Hi! Time for Weekly Wrap-up #19, where I share what creative mess I’ve made this week. Today I have an in-progress layout from my mini May Counterfeit kit. What scrappy fun have you gotten into this week? Please share! ❤️ And if you enjoyed this video, please consider subscribing to my channel. Thanks for watching! :)


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