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It’s that time again…!

Time for a new schedule. ;)  I love schedules and planning.  Which is amusing, because once I have them in place, I sometimes hate “being ran by the clock,” so…oh well.  LOL  Imma enjoy whatever I can right now, though, ok??  And we’re flexible with all of this, anyway, this is just a guideline.  AND it’s for MonTues/ThursFri–we’re having Weekend Wednesdays.  LOL

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8:00 Morning routine

9:00 Outdoor recess/exercise

9:30 Morning shareout/Handwriting/Spelling/Snack/Centers

11:30 Chores, then free time

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Quiet reading (Mama works)

1:00 Prodigy (Mama works)

1:30 Painting the interior of the house!  Kids are required to help for part of the time.

(Free time whenever we finish what we need to that day until dinner.)

5:30 Dinner

6:00 Baths

7:00 Free time

8:30 Snack

9:00 Bedtime reading (We take turns reading them a chapter a night of a book we want to share with them. Thomas read The Neverending Story, and now I am reading My Side of the Mountain.  We each have a list we are excited about!)

10:00 Lights out!  <3

This schedule won’t really take effect until next week–this week is vacation week for us.  (I do still have to work about 3-4 hours a day right now, but even that is less than I was, so this counts as vacation week!  This summer I am working summer school, and as of right now,  I will be trying to keep it to Wednesday mornings and quiet time.) I personally am looking forward to a refreshed house and plenty of time to scrap. :)